Companies may find that the overhead to manage a self-owned I.T. team is significant and therefore require the outsourcing of I.T. Professional and consultancy services. Bayou’s Outsourcing service aims to assist your company in the following ways:

•Alleviate pressure on company downsizing, restructuring, or redundancy
•Ease sudden and/or excess workload
•Obtain up-to-date  IT professional advice and consultancy on current market trends & strategies
•Retain headcount but different area of talent

We maintain a number of specialist talent pools of professionals for contracting circumstances such as Secondment. It would per contract basis and clients may decide the required period as according to needs. During the secondment period, clients would have full control on the job assignments for the contractor.

With our contracting services, your organization could benefit and resolve any potential issues of cost control, administration, support overhead, head count and significant improvement on total cost of ownership (TCO).